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Our Preloved section is launched!

We have been searching high and low to find preloved books for you guys that are both in line with what we usually have in the shop, and that are also in good enough condition to be loved by new readers.

We are always on the look out for new exciting titles to add to the Preloved section. If you originally bought some books as new from us, or if you have some books that you think we would like anyway, let us know! We might be interested in buying them form you. Using our Preloved Books Service is a great way to save on both the environment and get a few extra coins for books that you feel could enrich someone else's life.

On another note, we can't thank you enough for the response we have received so far since opening. It warms the sceptical little hearts of A S Bookshelf to see that what we have started on this website is valued.


The main Sceptic at A S Bookshelf



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