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by AS Bookshelf

We know what you are thinking. Isn't AS Bookshelf a book shop?! We most definitely are! We do however also love plants. And especially saving stressed and overwatered plants from shops and nurseries who are focused on turnover instead of caring for the plants they sell. How many times have you brought home a plant, only to have it die on you a few days later? Despite you blaming yourself for being a bad plant-parent, it is not always your fault. In today's market, plants are grown at ridiculous speeds in unnatural environments to ensure they look big and full when they are sold. This often means that when they are removed from this fabricated environment the shock they experience is too big and they die no matter what you do. 

We find that plenty of shops just give up on the plants when they start to show stress signs and either throw them away or sell them at a discount. So here we are. Trying to battle the wastefulness of modern plant shops and nurture back distressed plants to health before selling them to a loving home.


With plants you also need accessories and we have a great selection of handmade pots in different sizes. The pots are made from scrap material so they are beautifully rough around the edges and all have their own original touch! There are only one of each kind so when they are gone, they are gone. 


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