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Blue Star Fern

An interesting and unusual fern with long finger-like fronds in a subtle blue/green shade growing on many long upright stems. 



Water: When the top 2-3cm of soil becomes dry. Allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings. Be cautious of overwatering.

Ideal Position: West- or east-facing

Light: Medium to bright, indirect or filtered light.

Humidigty: Give it a warm and humid home (min 17°C), and regularly mist and water it.


As you might expect, plants in the giant expanse of the rainforest don't often have human contact, so this Prickle Plant prefers a more hands-off approach. Avoid touching your Phlebodium Blue Star Fern as much as you can, and if you do need to wear gloves if possible. For a nice even growth, turn your fern occasionally so it will get sunlight on all sides. 


Pot is not included.

Blue Star Fern

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