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Begonia Maculata - Polka Dot Begonia

A classic begonia that makes the perfect houseplant. Showing off her spots, the Begonia Maculata contrasts white with rich, green, delicate foliage against a raspberry backdrop.



Water: When the top 2-3cm of soil becomes dry. Do not allow water to sit on the leaves.

Ideal Position: North or east facing

Light: Medium, indirect or filtered light.

Humidigty: The ideal humidity for an indoor Begonia Maculata is around 60%.


If your Begonia is getting leggy, or you just want to shape it a bit, you can pinch it back. Pinching and pruning your Begonia will help create a fuller and bushier plant. New stems will grow from where you prune.

Trim back long stems to help your plant conserve energy during the cold winter. No worries, it will all grow back, plus more when spring comes.


Repot in spring in a pot one size up when roots have filled the pot, and or when you see roots growing from the bottom of the pot.  Even if your plant still has room to grow, you want to refresh the soil every two to three years. The soil will have lost all its nutrients and will need to be replaced with fresh soil.  


The Begonia maculata needs well-draining soil. Add some pumice or perlite to your potting mix to help aerate the soil and improve drainage. 


Pot is not included.

Begonia Maculata - Polka Dot Begonia

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