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Although there isn't much coverage in the UK news currently, I'm sure many of you have seen the images, reports, tweets and videos of the violence that the Israeli government are using against Palestinians in Jerusalem to quell demonstrations against the forced evictions of Palestinian families from the neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah. The violence and threats are coming from far-right Jewish Israeli politicians and civilians as much as they are coming from the military forces to ensure Israeli settlers can occupy land which is already inhabited by Palestinians.

The history behind these forced evictions dates back to the War of Independence in 1948, which Palestinians call the Nakba, or "disaster".

The problem arises from the land that was allocated after the war to displaced Palestinians but that the Jordanian occupiers at the time didn't transfer in legal title to the Palestinian living at the properties. Jewish settlers are claiming that the land was Jewish before and should therefore be given to Jewish people, which was made law back in 1948, that any land owned by a Jewish person or family prior to the war should be returned to them. These laws are now being used to claim ownership of land to force Palestinians out of neighbourhoods and areas all over Jerusalem. Although this has been going on for decades, the current protests are in response to four new forced evictions but sources are saying that there are another 200 evictions pending court decisions, a number which has increased drastically in recent years.

We stand in solidarity with every Palestinian family facing forced evictions and every Palestinian person who are subjected to the violence and threats by the far-right Israeli regime. The forced evictions must stop.

Social media is currently censoring post by Palestinians and allies all over the world who are speaking up against the brutality so now is more important than ever to amplify posts highlighting what is going on in Jerusalem.

We have collated a list below of reading materials, links to petitions and information about what is currently going on in Jerusalem.

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