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Holiday reads

'Tis the season for long summer days and being able to read until 9.30pm without having to turn the lights on. The cup of tea is swapped for something more refreshing to accompany the reading session and the weather is perfect for a change from the London scenery to the Scottish lakes and mountains. How do you like to spend your summers?

Destination aside, I've always found it hard to choose books to bring with me when I travel. Mainly because regardless of how long, or short, my trip is supposed to be, I always bring at least 2 books. What if I finish the book that I am currently reading and end up with nothing to read? No, minimum 2 is a must. It goes without saying however that picking the 2nd book for the trip is ridiculously hard. I mean, when is it ever easy to pick a book from the TBR pile? How am I supposed to know which book I am in the mood for once I am done with the first one?

Anyway, for this journey I settled on bringing Bread and Roses by Andrea D'Atri. Not only because it was in my TBR pile (it has been there for far too long) but it is the perfect size for a back up book. Not too long, so finishing it can easily be crammed in during your holiday. And it's not too heavy to inconvenience you on your trip. Other great back up books are;

- Mask Off by J.J. Bola

- The Book Collectors of Daraya by Delphine Minoui

- How to Be Autistic by Charlotte Amelia Poe

However you are spending your #summer this year, I hope you manage to read a healthy amount of great books and that you have great luck in deciding your back up #books.


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