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1 Year Anniversary Book Raffle!

This October we celebrate our first year of being open! We’re grateful to everyone who has found our little radical bookshop and to celebrate, we’re giving away one copy of ‘Hostile Environment’ and one copy of ‘After Repeal’ 📚

If you would like to be in the chance if winning these two very necessary books, the participation is fairly simple. To join the raffle simply donate via the link in our bio. We have decided that the raffle will support the Medical Aid for Rape Survivors in Tigray which is organised by the NGO @ahwatna . Every £5 donated counts as a raffle ticket 🎟

Once you have donated, make sure you take a screenshot of the donation confirmation or confirmation email, and send it to

We’ve decided to support @ahwatna ( as they are providing on the ground support in Tigray to the people who are affected by the ongoing genocidal war and man-made famine in the region.

‘Ahwatna’s mission is to provide medical aid, financial support, food security and other basic life necessities to the displaced people of Tigray with a specific focus on women who have survived SGBV as a direct result of the war.’ -@ahwatna

You can find out more of the work they do on


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