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Book cover of Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison

Song of Solomon - Toni Morrison


In 1930s America Macon learns about the tyranny of white society from his friend Guitar, though he is more concerned with escaping the familial tyranny of his own father. So while Guitar joins a terrorist group Macon goes home to the South, lured by tales of buried family treasure. But his odyssey back home and a deadly confrontation with Guitar leads to the discovery of something infinitely more valuable than gold: his past and the origins of his true self.

Song of Solomon - Toni Morrison

  • The book is in good condition. Some wear on the cover and some aging of the pages.


    ISBN:    9780099768418
    Publisher:    Random House
    Pub date:    14 May 1998
    Language:    English
    Number of pages:    337

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