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Book cover of Yellowface by Rebecca F. Kuang

Yellowface - Rebecca F. Kuang


 THIS IS ONE HELL OF A STORY. IT’S JUST NOT HERS TO TELL. When failed writer June Hayward witnesses her rival Athena Liu die in a freak accident, she sees her opportunity… and takes it.

So what if it means stealing Athena’s final manuscript? So what if it means ‘borrowing’ her identity? And so what if the first lie is only the beginning… Finally, June has the fame she always deserved. But someone is about to expose her… What happens next is entirely everyone else's fault.

Yellowface - Rebecca F. Kuang

  • Paperback

    ISBN:    9780008532819
    Publisher:    HarperCollins Publishers
    Pub date:    09 May 2024
    Language:    English
    Number of pages:    322

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