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Book cover of When They Call You a Terrorist by Patrisse Cullors and Asha Bandele

When They Call You a Terrorist "A Story of Black Lives Matter and the Power to Change the World" - Patrisse Cullors, Asha Bandele


The powerful memoir of one of the co-founders of Black Lives Matter which explores how the movement was born, adapted for young adults and featuring brand new content including photos and journal entries

A movement that started with a hashtag - #BlackLivesMatter - and spread across the world.

From one of the co-founders of the Black Lives Matter movement comes a poetic memoir and reflection on humanity. Necessary and timely, Patrisse Khan-Cullors' story asks us to remember that protest in the interest of the most vulnerable comes from love. Leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement have been called terrorists, a threat to America. But in truth, they are loving women whose life experiences have led them to seek justice for those victimised by the powerful.

In this meaningful, empowering account of survival, strength and resilience, Khan-Cullors and asha bandele seek to change the culture that declares innocent Black life expendable.

When They Call You a Terrorist - Patrisse Cullors, Asha Bandele

  • Paperback

    ISBN:    9781838855208
    Publisher:    Canongate Books
    Pub date:    27 May 2021
    Language:    English
    Number of pages:    xvi, 247

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