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Book cover of Thirteen months of sunrise by Raniya Mamun

Thirteen Months of Sunrise - Raniya Mamun


A young woman sits by her father's deathbed, lamenting her failure to keep a promise to him…

A struggling writer walks every inch of the city in search of inspiration, only to find it is much closer than she imagined…

A girl collapses from hunger at the side of the road and is rescued by the most unlikely of saviours...

In this powerful, debut collection, Rania Mamoun expertly blends the real and imagined to create a rich, complex and moving portrait of contemporary Sudan. From painful encounters with loved ones to unexpected new friendships, Mamoun illuminates the breadth of human experience and explores, with humour and compassion, the alienation, isolation and estrangement that is urban life.

Translated from the Arabic by Elisabeth Jaquette.

Thirteen Months of Sunrise - Raniya Mamun

  • Paperback

    ISBN:    9781910974391
    Publisher:    Comma Press
    Pub date:    25 Jul 2019
    Language:    English
    Number of pages:    vii, 72

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