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Book cover of The New Spanish Revolutions by Christopher Finnigan

The New Spanish Revolutions 'A Rebellious Journey Across a Changing Spain' -  Christopher Finnigan


Travelling from Madrid to The Valley of the Fallen, through Castile and León and across the fiercely contested region of Catalonia, Christopher Finnigan meets a remarkable cast of characters behind some of the biggest political events Spain has witnessed in decades. Whether it is the indignados left-wing activists rethinking society, the everyday citizens sitting in parliament, or the Catalan separatists fighting for a new nation, The New Spanish Revolutions meets those struggling at the heart of historic change.


Spain today finds itself in the grip of immense social upheaval, still shaken by the financial crash of 2008 and still struggling with its fascist past. Against a fragmented and polarised backdrop, Christopher Finnigan discovers how individuals and ideas that were once outside the mainstream are now shaping the nation's future.

The New Spanish Revolutions - Christopher Finnigan

£14.99 Regular Price
£11.24Sale Price
  • Paperback

    ISBN:    9781786994837
    Publisher:    Zed Books Ltd
    Pub date:    15 Mar 2020
    Language:    English
    Number of pages:    256

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