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Book cover of The Good University by Raewyn Connell

The Good University 'What Universities Actually Do and Why It's Time for Radical Change' - Raewyn Connell


The higher education industry might seem like it's booming, with over 200 million students in universities and colleges worldwide and funds flowing in like never before. But the truth is that these institutions have never been unhappier places to work. Corporate-style management, cost-cutting governments, mobilisations by angry students and strikes by a disgruntled workforce have taken their toll - in almost every country around the world. It's no wonder that there is talk of 'universities in crisis.'


But what should a 'good university' look like? In this inspiring new work, Raewyn Connell asks us to consider just that, challenging us to rethink the fundamentals of what universities do. Drawing on the examples offered by pioneering universities and educational reformers around the world, Connell outlines a practical vision for how our universities can become both more engaging and more productive places, driven by social good rather than profit, helping to build fairer societies.

The Good University - Raewyn Connell

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  • Paperback

    ISBN:    9781786995407
    Publisher:    Zed Books Ltd
    Pub date:    15 Feb 2019
    Language:    English
    Number of pages:    233

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