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Book cover of O by Zeina Hashem Beck

O - Zeina Hashem Beck


Zeina Hashem Beck writes at the intersection of the divine and the profane, where she crafts elegant, candid poems that simultaneously exude a boundless curiosity and a deep knowingness. Formally electrifying - from lyrics and triptychs to ghazals and Zeina's own duets, in which English and Arabic echo and contradict each other - O explores the limits of language, notions of home and exile, and stirring visions of motherhood, memory, and faith.

O - Zeina Hashem Beck

  • Paperback

    ISBN:    9780143136897
    Publisher:    Penguin Random House Group
    Pub date:    07 Jul 2022
    Language:    English,Arabic
    Number of pages:    112

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