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Book cover of May we borrow your country by The Whole Kahani

May We Borrow Your Country - The Whole Kahani


This contemporary collection of stories and poems looks at dislocation and displacement with sympathy, tolerance and humour. It is peopled by courageous, poignant, eccentric individuals who cross borders, accommodate to new cultures and try to establish an identity in a new place. In the process, they encounter different versions of themselves, like reflections in a room of trick mirrors.


The stories and poems are written by women. They are evocative and multi-layered in their portrayal of relationships, family, ambition, careers and friendship. They offer a fresh look at metamorphosis and many catch that fleeting moment of transition between the familiar and the new.

May we borrow your country - The Whole Kahani

  • Paperback

    ISBN:    9781999604660
    Publisher:    Linen Press
    Pub date:    26 Jan 2019
    Language:    English

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