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Book cover of A Decolonial Feminism by Francoise Verges

A Decolonial Feminism - Francoise Verges


For too long feminism has been co-opted by the forces they seek to dismantle. In this powerful manifesto, Francoise Verges argues that feminists should no longer be accomplices of capitalism, racism, colonialism and imperialism: it is time to fight the system that created the boss, built the prisons and polices women's bodies.


A Decolonial Feminism grapples with the central issues in feminist debates today: from Eurocentrism and whiteness, to power, inclusion and exclusion. Delving into feminist and anti-racist histories, Verges also assesses contemporary activism, movements and struggles, including #MeToo and the Women's Strike.


Centring anticolonialism and anti-racism within an intersectional Marxist feminism, the book puts forward an urgent demand to free ourselves from the capitalist, imperialist forces that oppress us.

A Decolonial Feminism - Francoise Verges

  • Paperback

    ISBN:    9780745341125
    Publisher:    Pluto Press 
    Pub date:    20 April 2021
    Language:    English
    Number of pages:    128

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