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Book cover of Tomorrow is Too Late by Grace Maddrell

Tomorrow Is Too Late "A Youth Manifesto for Climate Justice" - Grace Maddrell


In Tomorrow Is Too Late, Grace Maddrell collects testimonies of activism and hope from young climate strikers, from Brazil and Burundi to Pakistan and Palestine. These youth activists are experiencing the reality of the climate crisis, including typhoons, drought, flood, fire, crop failure and ecological degradation, and are all engaged in the struggle to bring these issues to the centre of the world stage. Their strength and determination show the urgency of their cause, and their understanding that the generations above them have failed to safeguard their environment. With contributors aged between eight and twenty-five, this is an inspiring collection of essays from the most vital generation of voices in the global struggle for climate justice, and offers a manifesto for how you can engage, educate, and inspire change for a more hopeful future.

Tomorrow is Too Late - Grace Maddrell

  • Paperback

    ISBN: 9781911648321

    Publisher: The Indigo Press

     PressPub date: 30 Sep 2021

    Language: English

    Number of pages: 192

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