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About US

At A Sceptics Bookshelf we handpick all the books that we sell. We focus mainly on books written by authors who's writing decidedly challenges what we think, what we know, and what we think we know, to get you easy access to an exciting reading experience.


We don't want to offer you all the latest romantic novels or crime trilogies that are on every best selling list. Instead we are proud to offer you our curated (and ever expanding) selection of titles from authors who doesn't always get the spotlight they deserve. We like to give the books with the most challenging stories a chance of receiving the front page treatment they deserve.

No more searching the dark corners of main stream bookstores, or rummaging through the internet for hours to find the right shops. We have made it easy to find some of the best new and old books, ranging from personal stories to radical politics.

Our aim is to bring you a versatile selection of books which represents a wide range of cis-women, Trans men and women, LGBTQIA+, Non-binary persons, and Disabled persons, in many different genres. Especially genres which are over represented by cis-men. We know that this may limit what we have on offer and if there is a book that you want to buy but are struggling to find we would love to help you find it. We have a Book Request form where you can let us know what you want and we will try our best to find it for you. You can find out more here.


We are also very keen on keeping our shop sustainable. From how we source new books, to what shipping materials we use, we have the environment in mind. We also believe that sustainability means more than how we can avoid to use things that will end up in landfills. For us it means limiting CO2 emissions and also ensuring that we are affordable for our customers. We therefore sell second hand books that are perfectly capable of being read by a new pair of curious eyes and what's even better is that we will buy your books back from you!


Our Preloved Books are just as carefully curated as our newer books. And if you are keen to save some pennies check out our Preloved Books section here. Or you can find out more about how the Preloved Books Service works here.

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