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Book cover for What white people can do next by Emma Dabiri

What white people can do next "From Allyship to Coalition" - Emma Dabiri


We need to talk about racial injustice in a different way: one that builds on the revolutionary ideas of the past and forges new connections.

In this incisive, radical and practical essay, Emma Dabiri - acclaimed author of Don't Touch My Hair - draws on years of research and personal experience to challenge us to create meaningful, lasting change.

What white people can do next - Emma Dabiri

  • Paperback

    ISBN:    9780141996738
    Publisher:    Penguin Books Ltd
    Pub date:    01 Apr 2021
    Language:    English
    Pages:    176

  • 3-5 working days. Due to the negative impact it has on the environment we do not offer express or next day delivery on any orders. 

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