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Book cover of Time For Socialism by Thomas Pinketty


Time For Socialism "Dispatches from a World on Fire, 2016-2021" - Thomas Pinketty


A chronicle of events that shook the world from the author of Capital in the Twenty‑First Century Over the past four years, world‑renowned economist Thomas Piketty documented his close observations on current events through a regular column in the French newspaper Le Monde. His pen captured the rise and fall of Trump, the drama of Brexit, Macron's ascendance to the French presidency, the unfolding of a global pandemic, and much else besides, always through the lens of Piketty's fight for a more equitable world.  


This collection brings together those articles and is prefaced by an extended introductory essay, in which Piketty argues that the time has come to support an inclusive and expansive conception of socialism as a counterweight against the hypercapitalism that defines our current economic ideology. These essays offer a first draft of history from one of the world's leading economists and public figures, detailing the struggle against inequalities and tax evasion, in favor of a federalist Europe and a globalization more respectful of work and the environment.

Time For Socialism - Thomas Pinketty

  • Hardback

    ISBN:    9780300259667
    Publisher:    Yale University Press
    Pub date:    26 Oct 2021
    Language:    English
    Number of pages:    360

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