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Book cover of Ghost Season by Fatin Abbas

Ghost Season - Fatin Abbas


With supreme skill and reverence, capturing shards, stillness and chaos, Fatin Abbas delivers a novel that gallops close and parallel to current events in Sudan. A dynamic, beautifully orchestrated debut novel connecting five characters caught in the crosshairs of conflict on the Sudanese border. A mysterious burnt corpse appears one morning in Saraaya, a remote border town between northern and southern Sudan.

For five strangers on an NGO compound, the discovery foreshadows trouble to come. South Sudanese translator William connects the corpse to the sudden disappearance of cook Layla, a northern nomad with whom he's fallen in love. Meanwhile, Sudanese American filmmaker Dena struggles to connect to her unfamiliar homeland, and white midwestern aid worker Alex finds his plans thwarted by a changing climate and looming civil war.

Dancing between the adults is Mustafa, a clever, endearing twelve-year-old, whose schemes to rise out of poverty set off cataclysmic events on the compound. Amid the paradoxes of identity, art, humanitarian aid, and a territory riven by conflict, William, Layla, Dena, Alex, and Mustafa must forge bonds stronger than blood or identity. Weaving a sweeping history of the breakup of Sudan into the lives of these captivating characters, Fatin Abbas explores the porous and perilous nature of borders?whether they be national, ethnic, or religious?and the profound consequences for those who cross them.

Ghost Season is a gripping, vivid debut that announces Abbas as a powerful new voice in fiction.

Ghost Season - Fatin Abbas

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  • Hardback

    ISBN:    9781914344763
    Publisher:    Jacaranda Books
    Pub date:    25 Jul 2023
    Language:    English
    Number of pages:    350

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