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Book cover of Against Borders by Luke de Noronha & Gracie Mae Bradley

Against Borders"The Case for Abolition" - Luke De Noronha, Gracie Mae Bradley


Borders harm all of us: they must be abolished.

Borders divide workers and families, fuel racial division, and reinforce global disparities. They encourage the expansion of technologies of surveillance and control, which impact migrants and citizens both.

Bradley and de Noronha tell what should by now be a simple truth: borders are not only at the edges of national territory, in airports, or at border walls. Borders are everyday and everywhere; they follow people around and get between us, and disrupt our collective safety, freedom and flourishing.

It's is a passionate manifesto for border abolition, arguing that we must transform society and our relationships to one another, and build a world in which everyone has the freedom to move and to stay.

Against Borders - Luke de Noronha & Gracie Mae Bradley

  • Paperback

    ISBN:    9781839761959
    Publisher:    Verso UK
    Pub date:    19 Jul 2022
    Language:    English
    Number of pages:    192

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