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Book Reviewers Wanted!

There is only so much you can gather from a book when you read the synopsis and, admittedly, I revel in reading book reviews or get book recommendations. It intrigues me to see what gets someone going when they read. Which part of a book that hit a nerve, or how the language of the author shook them to the core. The light that radiates from the eyes of the person recommending their favourite book to you.

We love to hear what you think of books on our virtual shelves. What they taught you, how they made you feel, if they were too long, or too short, too fast paced or the longest build up of information you have ever read. Either way, sharing is caring!

We are looking for good reviews to go on to our blog, to share knowledge and opinions with other readers to understand what they might get from the book.

We look for fair and personal book reviews, up to 2,000 words, for any of the titles sold at A S Bookshelf. We focus on selling books that challenge perspectives and provoke thoughts so we want reviews that include much more than whether you did or didn't like the contents. We are quite happy to pay for a review if we approve it and wish to use it on our blog. It might not be the highest paid gig around but if this sounds like a gig for you, then get in touch! Write to us at and let us know which book you are reviewing along with any previous work if applicable, or send us the review if you have written it already.

Please be advised that we won't use any reviews on the blog that we haven't paid for, and sending a review to us doesn't automatically qualify it to be published or paid. (If you are outside of the UK, conditions apply so make sure you let us know in advance!)


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